Answers to your Questions


What is Qrioh?

Cool innovations shouldn’t be hard to find. Qrioh is your one stop destination for the coolest things money can buy. Qrioh features the latest in gear, gadgets, watches, style, technology and more cool things as unique gifts for your geek friends. This new age of “COOL” requires a new kind of store. At Qrioh, you would be able to buy & discover products that would help you improve your life, products that make you happy and products that are insanely cool.

How do I sell products on Qrioh?

If you have cool products to sell, we want to know. Help us help you feature your innovations to the world. Simply fill up this form with the respective details and we will get back to you ASAP.

Where does Qrioh gets its products?

In our quest to get the best products from around the world, we partner with suppliers from different continents and get the absolute best money can buy.


When will my order be shipped?

Within the 24-48 hours after the payment is made & Estimated delivery time is 5-6 days for most items.

What kind of payment mode do you accept?

You can make the payment via Bank transfer, cheque, Debit card, Credit card or Net-banking. We have partnered with PayU Money to process your payments.

Can my order be modified after it has been placed?

Yes,If you have placed an order and want to modify it, let us know within 30 minutes of the purchase.

What if I want to send a gift?

Definitely. Let us know in a mail or message, if you want to send a gift. We will get the BEST gift wrapper and wrap the item like it’s Christmas.

What happens if I want to cancel my order before it ships?

Since all our products are from third-party and on request, we do not accept cancellations at the moment. All sales are final.


What is your return policy?

Although, we make sure that your shopping experience is smooth and without any issues, there might be times when you might not be happy with the product. Since all our products are from third parties, we do not accept returns at this moment. However, if there is a problem with the product, let us know and we will make sure that it is sorted.

How do I return an item?

Please contact us on +91 8971307171 or send us an email to support@qrioh.com.

How does Qrioh ship products?

We have partnered with the best logistics companies like Delivery, Ecom Express and FedEx so that your items reach to you ASAP.

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