Boombox No Pairing Magic Touch Speaker
Boombox No Pairing Magic Touch Speaker
Boombox No Pairing Magic Touch Speaker
Boombox No Pairing Magic Touch Speaker

Boombox No Pairing Magic Touch Speaker

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  • Place your phone on the speaker for instant sound magnification
  • Whopping 10 hour life on a full charge
  • Compatible with any device with external speaker
  • No wires
  • No pairing
  • USB charging
  • 3.5mm jack port for MP3 players (cable not included)

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Theres nothing attractive about a bundle of cables hanging from your speaker, especially when its a speaker with poor sound quality. However, there is a definitely something attractive about a completely wireless speaker with huge sexy sounds!

The Touch Speaker Boom Box is just that. Hidden inside the retro boom box design is a clever bit of technology that allows you to play your phones music, through the speaker of the boom box without any wires or pairing of devices. Simply place your device on top of the Touch Speaker Boom Box and the speakers will automatically interact with each other making the sounds instantly amplified. So your music can get finally get the sound quality that it deserves. Since there is no wiring or cables needed, the speaker is completely portable and boasts a massive 10 hour playback time perfect for outdoor entertainment!

The Touch Speaker Boom Box is compatible with any device as long as it has an external speaker. The Boom Box also has a 3.5mm jack for any music players that dont have their own speaker.

Please note: to get the loudest output from the Boom Box Speaker you made need to have your phone/mp3 player slightly rotated when placed upon it. This is due to the positioning of the external speaker in your music player.

Weight 350 g


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