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Liquid Screen Protector – Nano Technology

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  • Up to 2x the protection of traditional screen protection film, Anti-Static / High Gloss
  • Provides scratch resistance for everyday wear and tear
  • Water-repellent properties provides water beading and repulsion from treated surfaces
  • Preserves touch screen sensitivity and vividness of screen display; Smooth, dirt repellent surface
  • Protects your Smartphone, Tablet PC, LCD/LED (Camera, Laptop, TV)

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Product Features:

  • Enhances hardness
  • High transparency
  • High protective
  • High sensitivity
  • Super durability
  • Environmentally-friendly and safe
  • Enhances cleanliness and convenience


  • Clean the glass surface thoroughly
  • Dip several droplets of protector liquid onto the¬†screen
  • Spread the protector liquid evenly on glass surface
  • Wait for 45 minutes
  • Remove excess protector liquid using the cleaning cloth
  • Allow the liquid protector to bond with the screen overnight for better protection


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